Dharani updates: A Beacon of Hope for Telangana's Landowners

1/2/20241 min read

brown wooden surface with hole
brown wooden surface with hole

For the people of Telangana, land isn't just property – it's the heartbeat of their lives, the foundation of their livelihoods, and the legacy they cherish. However, when glitches arise in systems like Dharani, the state's land records portal, it stirs concerns and worries among many.

But here's the silver lining: under the leadership of the new Congress government led by Revanth Reddy, there's a proactive response to address these worries. Their approach? A three-fold plan that focuses on transparency, resolution, and a promising future:

  1. Illuminating the Shadows: An extensive audit is underway to scrutinize the 3 lakh acres of land added to Dharani in the past year. Particularly near Hyderabad, rumors persist about influential beneficiaries from the prior government. This audit seeks to uncover any irregularities and ensure rightful ownership.

  2. Your Voice Matters: Currently, Dharani lacks an appeals mechanism, leaving landowners with no choice but to navigate the complex legal system. The government is swiftly working on integrating an appeals platform within Dharani itself. This will empower landowners, allowing them to challenge errors and protect their land rights effectively.

  3. Crafting a Brighter Future: Despite its challenges, Dharani's ultimate goal is a land system that serves all. Enter 'Bhoomata,' Congress' proposed overhaul for land management. Bhoomata envisions an inclusive and transparent system, developed through extensive consultations with stakeholders. It's a vision where land records are secure, disputes are fairly resolved, and every landowner has their rightful place.

The journey to a robust land management system might face obstacles, but with transparency, resolve, and a vision for an inclusive future, Dharani and Bhoomata promise to pave the way for a better tomorrow for Telangana's landowners."